Deciding Between Playing and Not Playing Sports in College


Sports in college – this is a controversial topic for many students. Participating in games, being the representative of the school, wearing the school’s colors, or rooting for the home team – all these are part of a real college experience, re-uniting the university community and standing for an enjoyable option for recreation. It all sounds splendid, right? Probably, that’s the main reason you’re thinking of getting involved in sports as well. I plan on passing on my wisdom to you; maybe my college experience will be helpful!

For starters, I would like to start with making a confession. I never took the step to play sports in college. I was, in fact, at the same stage you are now, weighing the pros and cons, and remaining in the open zone. Time is of real essence, and it’s important you don’t miss your chance if you wish to embrace your athletic alter-ego.

Reaching to a decision

Now, I would like to start by saying some words about my previous experience with college sports. Believe it or not, I was a huge fan of playing sports, namely lacrosse and hockey. When I wasn’t on the field, the odds were I was practicing with a stick, that’s how enthusiast I was. Mentors and coaches advised me to do some serious thinking about taking up one of those sports in college. However, at that moment, I comprehended that playing sports was just a hobby to me, but I wasn’t ready to devote college life to sports.

Photographer: Zack Lane, Hofstra University Photographer

Finding your place in college

In my freshmen year, I used to live with a soccer player. We got along great. However, one thing I did notice was that she was almost never around. In fact, the first time I entered my dorm room, I got a note saying that my college roomie won’t be joining me for three more days or something because she had a tournament in Chicago. From that moment on, I noticed my roommate being torn between studying for classes, games, practicing and competitions. Her life was so eventful, and it appeared that she had no spare time for her own.

While I was there to see the life she was leading, I kept telling myself thank God I didn’t choose to go down that path as well!

The fact that I decided not to go for playing sports in college may have been a rough decision to make. In spite of that, my choice didn’t diminish the excitement college life brings, the freedom and feelings of novelty. As time passed by, I found my place, I had made some great friends, the activities and classes I was involved in brought me satisfaction, in open English, I soon got over it, and my regrets vanished into thin air. As a matter of fact, I reckon that, as I didn’t encounter much trouble moving on, my choice was the right one.


Having confidence in your choice

In my point of view, in spite of the venue you pick, college life will be an amazing experience, take it from me. Making a choice may be difficult. However, if you will get recruited in college, you’ll relish the unique experience of having your friends and family on the field, supporting you, not to mention that you have a genuine passion to which you can devote your time and energy.

Still, for those of you who will be on a trial period, you’ll get the chance to see life from two distinguishing perspectives, and settle which suits you best. However, if you are like me, you might enjoy sports, but be more inclined towards saying no to them, as opposed to yes. In this scenario, your college experience won’t be inferior to any other colleague’s experiences; you’ll be living life to the fullest whether you’re on the field or not – it’s up to you.

If you are going through recruitment, then you are expected to be fully prepared to play. In other words, you need to be in perfect condition, with your practice reels in shape. You need to be eager, and willing to devote the following four years of your life to sports.

I recognize that I didn’t have what it took to embrace sports in college. In fact, I was more drawn to the idea of college, the new people, the new places, the interesting things I would find out, and having time on my hands to spare was a thing I enjoyed, and I wouldn’t have had it if I’d played sports. It seems that what I lacked were devotion and passion.

The bottom-line? People are different, and if you feel that opting for sports in college is what you were cut out to do, you feel passionate about it, and don’t have any second thoughts with devoting your time to it, you are on the right path, and you’re ready to go!